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Psychedelia Blacklight Costumes - The Spot Route Setting Blog

  • If there is any question for glow, a portable black light flashlight is the safest way to check, or you can bring your item down to The Spot in the weeks before Psychedelia and check it out in our black light boxes. We use REAL black lights at The Spot, not just purple or UV lights, and anything claiming to react to real black light should shine like a champ.

    Unfortunately many white fabrics, tapes, plastics, and other items will not glow as much as you might hope. Besides looking for the fluorescent hyper-white, here are some notes:

    White clothing can go either way. Anything with a lot of white threads will often glow. Once you learn to see it, you can often tell from looking at the thread whether or not it will pop.

    Wigs can go either way, depending on the base material.

    Many types of white and fluorescent feather and fur will glow well.

    Fluorescent poster boards glow very well and offer lots of costume options as they are cheap and easy to draw on and cut and tape together.

    Cheap plastic fluorescent or black light reflective items will often glow very well and not break the bank.

    With body paint you can give the impression of floating bones, wings, or whatever else you want to paint on your body.

    Highlighters glow and can be used to decorate skin (not sure if it’s recommended, but it works).

    Laundry Detergent with any type of bleach or bleach substitute will usually glow and cause things painted or washed in it to glow.


    Light-Creating Accessories

    Glow Sticks, Glow Jewelry, El Wire, and Christmas Lights

    Glow sticks or jewelry of any type and small lights in reds, blues, greens, purples, pinks, and neon yellows are appropriate for Psychedelia. Clear or white lights are interruptive to your eyes at Psychedelia and so not appropriate. The little packages of glow sticks for $1 at Michael’s Art Stores don’t work very well, so are not recommended.

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    Source: Psychedelia Blacklight Costumes - The Spot Route Setting Blog

    Blacklight Flashlight Target
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    Blacklight Flashlight Target
    Oct 14, 2007 by k1b1 | Posted in Optical

    I used a UV LED flashlight the other night in my squad to write a report. It is great for keeping the squad car dark so the bad guy can't target you and the UV lights up the paper so you can see what you are writing, but what effect on my eye sight would

    Soft UV light, UVA can cause wrinkles and skin cancer, harder UV light, UVB causes sunburn. UVB causes no pupilar reflex and puts people at risk of cataracts from opacification of the eye lens. It may take a life time of exposure to normal light conditions